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Entrepreneurial Crafting
Knitting and Weaving and Wirework, oh my

Craftiness was a big part of growing up. Everyone did crafty things in my family. My Aunt crocheted and at one point we were both very interested in stained glass and took a bunch of classes, bought a bunch of equipment for it. It's something I wouldn't mind trying my hand at again someday if the fancy strikes me. I was crafty too, and had good ideas. This particular one - knitted worms and wire wrapped lawn furniture, was entirely my idea. I remember being entrepreneurial about everything I made, trying to sell them. When I found these, they were in a box cut out to make a display case, covered in price tags, and I'm pretty sure I literally went door to door on our street trying to sell them. I don't remember if I made any money, but it was pretty common for me as a kid to create a poll and call random people in the phonebook to answer it (did that once in a survey I wrote about concerns about pesticide use for a school project) and it was equally common for me to try selling things I had made. I really still love these worms. Not saleable, but boy do they have character, and my lawn furniture styles are totally timeless!