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Why it isn't weird that this is an awesome "family" photo

This is probably my favourite photograph of me ever. Helps that both of us are cute! My Grandma takes great photos. (So does my Aunt, for that matter!)

Another family heritage was in pets. I'm not sure what the official count was for the most pets in our house at any one time, but it certainly went up drastically in the Fish tank days! We always had birds: cockatiels and australian finches, whose cheeping was always pleasant to hear. We always had a dog, too. Topsy, Teddy Bear, and Carlos were dogs I loved dearly, even though I don't really remember Topsy. We weren't ones for common dogs either - Teddy Bear was a sharpei and Carlos is a chihuahua. I have always been a dog person. Allergies prevented us from some pets. We had a rabbit once and it made me extremely sick, but we didn't trace it to the rabbit until it died... Cats were an obvious allergy and I was kept away from them, which was cool with me because I hated them. Now that some of my environmental allergies have faded a little I'm not so worried about cats, but I still don't really like them anywhere near as much as dogs. Fish are a heritage I plan to continue, in fact, at some point next week I am purchasing a goldfish for the small hexagonal tank I just set up for the first time. I will always be an animal person because of my background. I like having living things around to love and be loved.