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That I actually sculpted myself

One of the things I absolutely loved as a kid were puppet shows. Not only watching them, but being in them. The one church I went to had a really elaborate puppet setup, and I participated in that, backstage, for years. I remember wandering about in the puppet attic looking at all the extremely cute puppets... It was amazing. The puppets above were sculpted a long time ago to look like me and my dog. I took this picture later to look like another photograph, one that I will talk about next. Puppetry to me was a totally amazing craft - it took energy and skill and was pure entertainment. I loved every kind of puppet show, even the ones on TV - Muppets and Fraggles. I always knew and enjoyed the fact that there was a person behind there skilled enough to make a doll come alive. I've seen some pretty amazing puppet shows in my life, and I am actually hoping that one day when I have kids, I'll make up a little puppet theater and put on shows for them.
These are so cool! How ya doing? Looks great! As your monitor I just want to make sure you're doing ok. Let me know if you need anything.