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Just Buffets

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Just Buffets
A hat

One place I have vivid memories of is a restaurant called Just Buffets. I was really excited when I found this hat downstairs... Our family used to eat there so often that the servers and the owner knew us. I remember the owner, a big friendly man who really loved me. The very, very brief Barbie phase I had was due to the owner actually having given me a Barbie for my birthday the one year. I have memories of laughter around the table with my family and of good food. It's a good representative of something that was always huge in my family - eating out together. We always had a restaurant or two where everyone knew us, and sometimes our orders.

I wanted to use this as another place to talk about things my family taught me as well - they taught me how to treat serving people and how to be a good customer. I have been apalled most of my life at how badly most customers treat people in the service industry. I was taught to tip well, treat the waitresses with respect, and try and make the day of the people who served you. It was one of the best family values, and all three of my parents espouse it as a part of their personal way of looking at life. They also taught me that you could tell an awful lot about a person by watching how they treated people who were serving them in any capacity. It's been a great guideline throughout life.
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