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A love affair with early computer systems


The first family computer we ever had I bought from the neighbor's garage sale. I had a fascination for them from the beginning. It had an orange and black monitor, and the huge floppy disks. I spent hours on the graphic generator, which involved clicking on tiny blocks to highlight them and creating an image only from squares. It was a great challenge to create realistic looking images and I spent lots of time on it. Later we got a COLOR monitor and a better computer. It was fantastic! I remember playing Murphy's Mansion and dozens of other text adventure games. I was all about learning the command systems and trying to pick random things up. I love text adventures. And J-Bird. And Tetris. I was always horrible at both of them, but I loved them! It was at that first garage sale that my love affair with technology truly began. And I am still in love. The internet, the blogosphere, DVD players, MP3 players... I love all that stuff. ESPECIALLY including digital cameras.
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