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Me in a Church Play, as a cook.


This photo was taken in the late 90's.

Another major aspect of my young life was involvement in Drama. I always loved memorizing lines because I was good at it and acting because it allowed me to safely be someone else all the time. I went to camps. I learned how to make plaster masks. I met a famous Saskatoon area director named Tibor, and he really liked me. I went to dozens of plays to watch how actors worked and to enjoy theatre, which I have always enjoyed, particularly musical theatre. I was involved in dozens of small plays and enjoyed every character. I particularly remember this one as being the comic relief character in the play and I loved the response I got from people. The one thing I really hated was that I ended up having double booked myself on one night and couldn't play Mary in the Nativity play at the church. I've always wanted to play Mary, and I still haven't. Getting to old for that now, as she was a teenager and is usually played by cute little girls. Maybe one day a daughter of mine can be Mary.