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Me with my friend Nora


This photo, which sucks, will have been taken in the late 90's.

One thing I remember about my early teen years is swimming. A lot. For two summers I went nearly every day. Made my hair feel like straw and I smelled like chlorine constantly, but I loved it. My family bought me a Leisure Pass for the pools in Saskatoon, and I spent hours and hours and hours on end swimming around in the pool by myself. Sometimes developing friendships - one notable but brief teenage romance where a boy signed his name with Love for the first time and the lifeguards tried to set us up... (Later he was ashamed of owning me to his friends and that killed it, left a major scar that still smarts occasionally) Swimming was a passion and a pleasure of mine. I later became a lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor, though in credentials only, never worked at any facility, sadly. I still love it dearly and plan to go swimming later this week, actually. It's one of the things that makes me most peaceful. Oddly enough, water always makes me peaceful... Lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools - all of them, whether I am in or out of the water. I'd rather drown my sorrow by staring at the rippling surface of a lake than any other way.

Why did I love swimming so much?

It made me weightless.