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Here's To Song

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Here's To Song

Not the choir I sang in, but a mass choir and the same song I loved


I was in a lot of choirs growing up. I have always had people tell me they thought my singing voice was beautiful. Once I was picked out of a crowd of 500. I was with my small choir of about ten people at a mass choir event in Moose Jaw. It was amazing, great guest conductors and excellent music choices - some of my favourite songs I have ever sung for anything I sung there. At one point I was the only person who understood a convoluted instruction about who should be singing at the time, so I started singing and I was the only one. The conductor person called me up to the front and I sang it in front of everyone. I became an instant celebrity out of hundreds of kids. I didn't like celebrity, I'd preferred being a wallflower. But I did appreciate that everyone seemed to love my voice.

The song above, the second verse, was what I sang.

Music, from that point on, became one of my possible life paths. I didn't choose it, but it remains one of the most beautiful and amazing parts of my life.

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