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Road Trips

My Mom and I in front of Horseshoe Canyon


This photo will have been taken in the early 90's.

Another of the wonderful heritages I got from my family was the Road Trip. I remember quite a number of different road trips. One in particular was to see a bunch of Saskatchewan landmarks - in our province there are iconic statues in many of the small towns, our dollar coin, wheat stalks, a Moose... All sorts of things like that.

We took the motorhome to Montana and I got to see amazing things like a hot springs and an entire hall of player pianos and giant music boxes - I wish I knew where that was, I'm pretty sure it was near Billings, some sort of Wild West place. It was amazing. This particular picture is of me and my Mom at Horseshoe Canyon. Basically all the photos you've seen thus far have been the love and work of my Grandma. She has notebooks filled with information about me when I was a kid. A lot of these pictures come from just two of the many compilations of our family life that she has put together with love. Road Trips remain one of the big events of my life, one of the things I want to continue as a tradition. This year alone I've probably travelled, road trip or otherwise, about one every month or two months. I even drove just a little ways out of town with a friend one day, completely unplanned, just because I knew I needed the sanity that a few hours of driving would bring back to me. But it was my family that gave me the travel bug, and also allowed me to understand just how many interesting things there are close to home.
damn Twyla, how do you come up with so many cool things to write about in rapid fire fashion? talk about awesome!
I'm loving the pictures! Looks like you're doing well over here. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need anything, it's what I'm here for.
I loved our random road trip. I'd love to do another one with you someday. Thanks for sharing so much, I love getting to know more about you with each post.