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Me on my favourite horse in Kinsmen Park


This photo will have been taken in the early 90's.

Here we come back to a couple of posts about why I chose to do the Blogathon and why I chose this year to blog a sort of very limited, media-rich personal biography.

I feel like my childhood was a blur. Most of the time I don't feel as though I have almost any memory of it, as though it's disappeared into some sort of mental vault I can't come back to without a photograph or a parental description or an object. I actually believe this is partly because my health problems were so difficult as a child, especially the asthma, that the oxygen content in my brain was routed to more important things than memory. I have very few actual memories of growing up that I can pin down. I remember things, but not very many moments. I feel like most other people have many more concrete memories than I do in that regard. One of the reasons I blog at all is that my memory seems so patchy to me and I have so many things happening in my life that I don't want to forget. And honestly, I don't want to forget my childhood, the tiny bits of it that I actually do remember. So that's why I'm blogging it now. A record, since the internet is the new medium of recordkeeping, and this blog is my personal method. It's also a great reference for those who consider themselves friends of mine, because I rarely discuss anything about my childhood, mostly because it never comes up. So this is a record and a history, and this time of my life is perfect to attack a project of this type.