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Playing Outside


This photo will have been taken in approximately 1991.


I was totally thrilled to find this photograph of me blowing bubbles! I have always loved bubbles. I actually just bought a new set of bubble solution and wands of various types a few months ago and I'm 23 now! When I went to kindergarten in a public school, they had just installed new carpeting. Whether that irritated or caused the asthma I experienced for most of my childhood, I don't know, but I remember inhalers and feeling like I couldn't breathe and I remember allergies and being covered with itchy excema rashes on account of all the things I was allergic to environmentally and in foods... I loved to play outside, regardless, but I wasn't a child with a whole lot of energy most of the year. Still, even though my outside life was a bit limited, my family set up a super cool playhouse and a lot of other awesome toys.
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