YAY kermit flail


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Playing Outside


This photo will have been taken in approximately 1991.


I was totally thrilled to find this photograph of me blowing bubbles! I have always loved bubbles. I actually just bought a new set of bubble solution and wands of various types a few months ago and I'm 23 now! When I went to kindergarten in a public school, they had just installed new carpeting. Whether that irritated or caused the asthma I experienced for most of my childhood, I don't know, but I remember inhalers and feeling like I couldn't breathe and I remember allergies and being covered with itchy excema rashes on account of all the things I was allergic to environmentally and in foods... I loved to play outside, regardless, but I wasn't a child with a whole lot of energy most of the year. Still, even though my outside life was a bit limited, my family set up a super cool playhouse and a lot of other awesome toys.
I'm totally love'n kermie's YAY flail! hummm... speaking of kermit...

It's the muppet show with our special guest, Supper Man!!!

Dum, dum, dum, da, dum, dum
Dum, dum, dum, da, dum, dum...

It's time to play the music
it's time to light the lights
it's time to meet the muppets on the muppet show tonight...

It's time to put on makeup
It's time to dress up right
it's time to raise the curton on the muppet show tonight

(statler and waldorf) - why do we always come hear
I guess we'll never know
It's like a kind of torture
to have to watch the show...

but now lets get things started
why don't you get things started
(kermit) - It's time to get thing started

On the most sensational, inspirational, sellabational, mupetsational,

This is what we call the Muppet Shoooooooow

Kerblamo (gonzo)

eve dentally my dear Watson!!!!