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Baby, Baby

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A Baby

Who probably looks a bit like me


Because it is. This photograph was taken when I was around 1 year old.

I was born into a family of vibrant people. Vibrant people whose lives were somewhat diminished for many years, sadly, because of a less-than-ideal family situation. But art always thrives in quality under suppression, and art in hundreds of its various forms was a part of every day in my family. I am told that I was a very happy baby, a toddler who loved everyone, who sang and moved and loved the Jolly Jumper. I know that my outlook on life was filled with the knowledge that I am truly loved and cared for.

I have a very unusual family situation. My Mother escaped an abusive marriage with me just after I was born, and the apartment this picture was taken in is where my family stayed when they all banded together. And when I say my family, I mean my Grandma, my Mom, and my Aunt. Of course, there was another person in that apartment, my Grandfather, but he is a shadow, and I will discuss him at a later point.

I was happy as a baby, and I am coming back to absolute happiness, coming full circle.