Infinite Variety

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety. Other women cloy
The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry
Where most she satisfies.
-Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare

I've been neglecting the blog because I've been busy living, fancy that.

Quick rundown of events. I finished up my time with my gracious hosts by attending my first ever Orthodox church service in the morning (great congregation) and another family birthday BBQ that involved water balloons in the afternoon, it was a lot of fun. I then began the trek home, experienced two more takeoffs and landings and a very useful layover where I got stuff done on my computer, and then finally made it home.

It bears mention, though this is a story I've been telling all my friends, that I was told by the man of the house where I was staying that I have a "feminine snore." I was like, "I have a WHAT?" Apparently I only snore very softly, and it's pleasant to hear, at least for my host. It was very entertaining. Something to put on an online dating profile if ever there was one.

Since I got home I've been scrambling to get some money made and some things done. I am currently burning a DVD of the last wedding I shot, and it's about time... I got on the wrong bus on the way to pick up my car, ended up walking for over half an hour on the way home, and then went through my trip photos and made a great highlight reel (loving the new program, so much faster!) and showed it to my parents on Monday, then went to Paul's place to watch Oscar with him, and loved it. I laughed so hard at parts of it that I nearly stopped breathing...

Last night after working a sidewalk sale during a sunny day on Broadway and sun-burning new parts of my arms I saw Antony and Cleopatra at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan with a veritable cloud of friends and acquaintances. I was disappointed in it though it is one of my favourite of Shakespeare's works - I thought they cut most of the good (but not the famous) lines and it was not as good in quality as most of the SS plays I've seen. Regardless, it was an entertaining experience and there were some good moments. The woman playing Cleopatra had excellent projection, but it was hard to hear some of the other actors on occasion. Overall, Paul summed it up best when he said it was rather like a BBC production. Also, my friend Brennan was a little offended at the Director's saying that he "didn't want to get bogged down in historical accuracy" and plays didn't have to be long. I'm pretty sure one of my favourite lines is still when Antony has a guy whipped and says, "He makes me angry!" Way to go on that Shakespeare, you and Captain Obvious would get along.

Ricki and I discussed that I hadn't liked the play and she told me I was a woman of infinite variety. Hopefully this does not mean that I will die of Royal Snakebite. (If anyone says spoilers to this comment, I will beg to remind them how long this particular story has been out.)

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying both air conditioning and watermelon over the lunch hour at Mark's place and having an excellent conversation about life, and then they sent home some fresh garden lettuce with me, for which I am grateful. I haven't even bought any groceries yet thanks to the kindness of my parents and now Mark and Moira's garden bounty. Should be able to make it at least 3-4 more days without buying more food. I spent $150 less than I had budgeted for my trip, which is going to be helpful, as I will be feeling some financial strain for a number of months and I am doing my best to limit myself to necessity only shopping. It's good for me.