phonebooth graveyard

Image Explorations - Part 1

Say that I am strong enough
To take these dreams
And make them mine

Oh my goodness! I am so excited I am bubbly! I am here in B.C. for Image Explorations, a professional development conference for photographers.

Today started extremely early - I had to set my alarm for 4:45am, which was the earliest I'd had to set it since my last essay spate. Michael gave me a ride through birdsong and fog - yes, fog, which is actually pretty rare for Saskatoon, even in the early morning. I got to the airport and discovered my friend Cassie in the lineup for the same flight. We chatted for a bit and then boarded.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before (probably) but I am a complete addict to the feeling of takeoffs and landings in airplanes. It's a total rush for me. So I got to experience that set twice, to my great pleasure. (I'm probably one of the few people who will actually desire and choose multiple flights over a long flight, and it's partly because I find it SO exhilarating.

Other highlights: my flight from Calgary had a guy on it who totally looked like Jude Law. Piercing eyes and all.

Then I got to fly over the mountains for the first time. There were pockets of emerald green water amid forests growing haphazardly that made the mountains look all scruffy like they hadn't shaved. 

Then I landed and started reading a book Ricki had lent me, and it was to the reading mind what butterscotch is to the tongue, warm and melty and ornate in flavour. When my stomach finally calmed down a bit after two successive flights (the downside, obviously) I had some Tim Horton's chili (you can tell you're still in Canada when) and waited with another IE guy from Saskatoon who is going to be in the same class as me. The bus came to pick us up a couple of hours later, and I got to meet a few more IE folks.

The drive through Victoria and the surrounding Trans-Canada Highway, carved from the forest and the rock (I totally had Arrogant Worms running through my head the whole time) was breathtaking. There were moments alongside a beautiful little stream where I wanted the bus to stop so I could take pictures. I will have ample opportunity for this, however.

Then when we finally got here, to Shawnigan School, I found out that the place is insane. A perfect vista of Victorian style buildings.

The pond!

Where I'm staying!

There's going to be about 300 people here apparently. Looking forward to tonight and meeting Scott Robert Lim, the photographer who will be leading my session. All reports are awesome about him, and I like his work. (Google him if you want.)

Time to go hobnob with a selection of hundreds of other photographers!

Free wireless in the big building, so you'll be hearing from me again, likely with exorbitant picture spam.

P.S. - I saw a red British phone booth in Victoria. I noted the corner it was on. I've never seen one in real life before. Totally taking a self portrait in it.