life is adventure


I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned

Today I had a very productive day of work and of highly enjoyable non-work activities, like finally having some fresh mint tea and eating a Spinach and Chicken salad with Raspberry Dressing and bread with oil and balsamic vinegar for brunch and then having Shreddies and Greek Salad for early supper (weird, I know) and a bowl of soup for late supper. All in all, food was lovely and satisfying today. I also had a freezie. One of my few food-related vices lately.

Funny how an entire day can come down just food when all you do all day is get lots of work done, isn't it?

In other news, I went to Michael's craft store briefly to see if I could find a worthy stamp to use as an ownership label in my books, and I did find one - three flamingos in a row. (I went through a flamingo phase once. I'm the person who created the Wikipedia page on Plastic Flamingos actually...) I bought a burgundy stamp pad and went through a third of my books and made sticky note flamingo labels for my DVDs this evening, tomorrow I plan to do the rest, which are still boxed up because they were the least urgent of all the facets of moving in. I am nearly done the hanging and arranging of clothing, during which I discovered that nearly every sleeveless shirt I own is either a shade of pink to purple or blue, except for the two green ones and a red one. I may eventually have to adopt another red tank top, but for now I am comfortable with these color choices.

Things that are currently awesome and make me happy: nectarines (which are NOT, in fact, the wimpy cousins of peaches that can't grow any chest hair as some would assert), long talks with friends, brief glimpses of the sky when it isn't raining, mending clothing (I find hand sewing theraputic and may take up crewel embroidery at some point again because I liked it a lot), my lava lamp which runs almost constantly now, having found my long-lost but very valuable day planner, the trip I am about to embark upon to Victoria, plotting creative things that will make other people happy, and blogging. Also, planning for the Blogathon!

Still on track for best summer ever, even if July is somehow vanishing much more quickly than I had hoped. I am happy with life.
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