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Value Systems

First time you feel it, it might make you sad
Next time you feel it it might make you mad
But you'll be glad baby when you've found
That's the power makes the world go round

Today I found out I'd lost weight again. I also went swimming and lane swam as much as I could in half an hour, rediscovering the movement and my strokes and the rhythms I'd lost. It was relaxing and beautiful. The hot tub was heavenly. I spent some time with my parents, played Wii bowling with my Grandma, went for breakfast with a rain-soaked best friend and for supper with two of my newer and yet already highly valued friends, and in general truly enjoyed myself today. It was a great day, actually. A day of possibility.

In church we are going through a series of self-recognition. We went through Jungian personality typing last week, and I again pegged myself as a strong INTJ. Tonight everyone went through a pile of values they might have about their life, and we had to eventually get to our top 8. (I kept the pile, if anyone I know in person wants to try.) I decided to keep my top 10. They were remarkably accurate and as follows:

1. Authenticity: Ongoing desire to honestly express who one is
2. Integrity: Maintaining congruity between what one claims to be and how one acts
3. Friendship: Placing importance on close, personal relationships
4. Influence: Capacity to affect or shape people, processes, ideas
5. Security: Feeling safe and confident about the future
6. Competency: Wanting to meet or exceed standards or expectations
7. Learning: Lifelong commitment to growing in understanding
8. Aesthetics: Appreciating what is beautiful
9. Financial Security: Being free from financial worries
10. Physical fitness and health: Regard for one's body, enjoying sports etc.

Things that strike me about this list - the top two have always been me, and the rest all feel very recent, like, two years recent. I've changed deeply in that time. The bottom two are ones I am really needing to integrate more strongly into this list, putting them further up the scale. I feel this is a remarkably accurate picture of me and my character as I percieve myself. I wonder what others might choose for me from their perceptions...

I got into a bit of an argument with Corrina about not feeling comfortable calling myself an artist, though I often feel I'm appropriating that term from purely visual artists because I'm more of a conceptual writer whose multimedia and sculptural work fits much better in the world of artists than authors. Much safer perhaps to say I'm an idea person. A mastermind, as the Jungians would call my rare personality type.

As Ricki, a fellow INTJ says, "As INTJ's, we just like being called Masterminds. Our first thought in response to that label is, 'That's so true!'"

Anyway, I've been examining my ideas lately with great success.

Also, I have definite plans for the summer, things I've decided to do for sure. I want to go swimming at least ten times. I want to spend 5 evenings out of seven active in some sort of sport or walking or anything but sitting around. I want to make goat's milk ice cream because I miss ice cream. I want to attend every summer festival and concert in my city that remotely peaks my interest, I want to fall asleep under the stars at least once, I want to get my business website up, and I want to lose enough fat that I have to throw out half my wardrobe and start over. (I'm already nearly there.) I want to re-live my childhood and in some respects, now that the allergies have waned, make up for it. I want to eat the most amazing fruits and veggies I have ever tasted! I want to live Life with a capital L, to quote a good friend.

This is totally going to be the best summer ever.

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