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Stand Still, Brain!

I thought you said forever, over and over
The sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion
These thoughts run through my head, over and over
Complaints of violins become my only friends

Life is pretty standard lately. I consume media at an alarming rate born of a summer freedom. I have been moody lately, but it will pass.

My favourite moment of this last week was going out to McD's with Shane and Mattea after Care Group (where we'd all had a heavy but good conversation) and getting Shane points. I'm at 3 now. I shouldn't cash them in for food until the Shaneconomy revives though, I hear. We had a good time together and I'm glad to finally be getting to know them better after expressing an interest in doing just that for over a year and not actually acting on that impulse.

Today was interesting. Got to work for most of the day as a receptionist in an office on campus and finished reading Anna Karenina. I feel terrifically accomplished, a little disappointed that the ending could have been smoother, and more in love with all the characters than ever. It's brilliant, but it could have been better I think. It was a little disturbing and may have set me off today.

Google randomly decided to disable my Gmail account three times today. I think I was just using an incompatible browser at work, but whatever. I sat in the sun for my lunch hour, watching the river and enjoying the expressive clouds. I was completely at peace for a few hours, it was nice, but it didn't last.

After work Ricki and I went for supper, and then Jess invited us to see Terminator Salvation. There was nothing wrong with the movie exactly, I just really hated it today because I was already in an agitated mood and it made it even worse. I'm really sorry I went - not because of my friends, I just should have known it was a bad idea to see something like that today. I've been stressed and my focus has been nil for a few days already. The end of the world, even in movie format, isn't the greatest thing for that kind of stress level. Spent just over two hours playing Tetris at Ricki's house tonight because my brain chose to run a mile a minute after the movie and I needed something to focus on.

I keep frowning when songs come on my playlist and skipping them. I think my emotions need a vacation.
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