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Run Away

Time and time and time will tell
Time will tell or tear us apart
You're miles and miles and miles away
Silence reveals where we really are

It has been a very interesting and exhausting weekend. All my muscles hurt. I honestly don't remember anything that happened on Friday during the day except a very brief visit home to grab some stuff I was missing. I think my vaccuous memory is partly because I stayed up too late on Thursday reading Anna Karenina.

Friday afternoon was the wedding rehearsal, which turned out well, and then I visited with one of Criston's bridesmaids about Israel at the rehearsal BBQ. Afterwards I headed over to the last Classic Club ballroom dance of the season. There weren't enough men for women there and it was crowded, but I got to spend some time with my friend Leah, I got to dance a number of dances that were really excellent, and a few that were just downright sexy. One dance was with a guy who is a really amazing and experienced dancer for his age. He led me in a slow, freestyle Latin that was pure sensuality. So awesome. And Ken, one of the instructors, taught me the Hustle at the last Classic and I got to dance it with my old friend Mike, and it was so fast and full of spins that I couldn't walk straight after. Simply glorious. Anyway, it turned out to be a really amazing dance night in spite of the crowd and the numbers.

It's been too long since I wore my dance shoes. I have skin missing on my heels.

Totally worth it.

So say you're in
With cards down and guns drawn, this is it
If this isn't love
This is the closest I've ever been

Saturday was the wedding. All day. It was high energy, sweat and movement; technical skills and artistic skills and emotional overload. All this is the usual. I'm getting used to it. I'm getting really, really good at portraiture and a lot of the stuff I took this time around stuns even me when I look at it. Every wedding I do is a test of my endurance, my love of it, my desire to do this for a living, and every wedding I shoot I look at the product and realize I really am pretty good at it. I savoured the process this time.

This is the second ceremony I've shot barefoot, and as long as I have permission, I will probably continue to do that. Makes it easier to rush to where you need to be.

I have rugburn on the top of my left foot from kneeling, I have a very sore left knee, I have a huge bruise on my leg from something (I have no idea what) and I am sore beyond belief. I feel like every rib has a voice to complain with.

It was totally worth it.

After finishing the job, I went to Fuddruckers for an aquaintance's annual mixer party. Garrett ended up showing up as well, and we bought Ruckers tokens and had a grand showdown with Air Hockey where I kept slapshotting goals and he kept getting me with wild and aimless smacking. I won one game, and they were all close. We've decided to make it a summer tradition.

(Totally worth losing if I get to slapshot Garrett the same way every time and watch his face.)

Today I got to sing in church, which despite my being up in the morning seemed to come very fast. It was a very short day. Time seems to be flying. Maybe it's because I'm having fun? Most of the time, anyway. Tonight I went out with Micah, Chantal, and Mark after church. It was a really fun time. Micah and Chantal bickered the whole time, it was hilarious. All of us with drinks nearly did spit takes at one time or another.

Micah: Hot sauce lovers do not like hot sauce origami art! It's a waste!
One of our Servers: Oooh, that's cool!
Chantal: I WIN!

Also, Micah teased me about all my catchphrases.

It's supposed to be all rainy for a few days. Despite, or perhaps because of the smell of rain, I am looking forward to the coming week. Is the rain worth the smell?

The question that life presents us with, over and over again: "Is it worth it?" Encouragingly, despite multifaceted fatigue, I've been able to say that it is on a consistent basis, which is encouraging.

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The rain is absolutely worth the smell and I will definitely be taking several pointless walks in it with my umbrella.