La Danza

Lindy and the Lab

Your black dress in disarray
Only dance floor prayers can save
Temperatures rise and I start to move
But it's you that's coursing through my veins

Last night I had the great pleasure of going to Swingin' on the Saskatchewan - a summer dance initiative where swing dancers set up music and dancing at an amphitheatre down by the riverside here in Saskatoon. I have been a part of the Lindy scene since before I was in ballroom, in fact it was the first type of partner dancing I tried after the three days we spent learning ballroom in high school gym class. (That did plant a seed.)

Several of my favourite dancers were there and I got to dance a number of really comfortable and fun Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing. I'm getting better at putting in styling, which means I'm hitting intermediate and advanced levels in Lindy. Fitting I suppose considering I started in Lindy in the winter of 2004-2005, my first official year of school when I was in music. Nearly 5 years of Lindy, off and on. Still love it to pieces. Whenever there's good weather on Tuesday evenings, you know where I want to be this summer!

I have been thinking lately just how many details are missed in blogging. I can't always tell you about the feeling of elation I get when I'm dancing with a particular partner and everything in the lead and follow just works between us, and the flow and communication is at a high level, and we're entirely synchronous. That's bliss for me, and it generally happens between 2-10 times a night when I go out dancing. I live for those moments. I live for a lot of moments. I went from living almost entirely in my past to living almost entirely in my present and future. I like the change, but I want to back off from the future and live more in the present.

After dancing wound down to a close, dusk was upon us and there was almost no wind, the river was calm and reflective, and I stayed by the river to pray and seek God in the place where the beauty of the man-made and the God-created intersected, between two bridges, one lit with pretty colors and with them and the moon reflecting off the water, an occasional flock of birds flying overhead. Water has always made me comfortable, and I often pray at the edge of a large mass of it. Even a slough. When things are going particularly badly, I find the nearest space filled with water, flowing or not, and pray there. There's just something about it. One of my most spiritual experiences was when I first saw the ocean up close at Peggy's Cove. I still remember exactly how it felt, and every time I'm waterside, the peace in my heart grows and I feel contained and stable. Also, I miss Emma dearly, though I'm enjoying having a social life that's not entirely dependent on the internet.

On a completely different note...

Drew: I don't get enough airtime on your blog! It's maybe 2% of a post even if we've spent hours together: "Drew and I hung out." Shows me where I fit on your priority list!
Me: It's because all we do is argue about the same things every time we hang out!
Drew: No we don't!
Me: Yes we do.
Drew: No we don't!
Me: You see? You're proving my point. I'm blogging this!
Drew: No you're not!

That's actually a comination of two conversations from last night that were almost identical, to further prove my point.

With that as an introduction, because apparently my last Drew-highlighting post was insufficient, I will continue. (Apparently one of Drew's issues [other than his utter denial of having any issues and declaring himself "perfect in every way"] is requiring constant validation, and I am all too willing to oblige.) Drew has been fascinated by my blog for some time and remains one of its highbrow critics, calling it "hard to follow" and "misleading." These things he says after complaining how long my posts are and saying he's "thoroughly skimmed" them. (All my posts are written in such a way that skimming will often leave a person in the dark. If you're not an avid reader and terrifically interested in my life, you probably aren't a big fan of the length. Of course, I write these things for myself mainly, as an aid to memory and a record of the past.)

All that said, however, the other reasons that my time with Drew doesn't make it onto LiveJournal is that he's one of my trusted friends, and believe it or not, I do have a private life too. We tend to cut to the chase and talk about whatever is bothering us most in life, sometimes the really big stuff, sometimes the philosophic. We also share music, movies, and TV show interests. He's actually kind of like a brother to me. We fight like cats and dogs, worry about each other, and are often generally mystified by the other person's mode of operation in life. But at the heart of it, enough of our values about the importance of people are the same that we continue on this mutual path as friends.

Anyway, I had invited Drew to come hang out by the river, but he was doing lab work for his degree in protein crystallography, so instead of watching water flow horizontally for more time than I already had, I got to watch a lot of de-ionized water flowing vertically in one of the labs in Thorvaldson on campus. This particular lab is the one beside an original Escher woodcut called Metamorphose that I admire greatly, and am occasionally surprised has never been stolen by a desperate student, as I'd imagine it's very valuable. I stayed up quite late with a very tired and very brain-dead Drew, handling E. coli bacteria and a very dangerous high-velocity centrifuge at 1am. (It occured to me that God must have a lot of angels posted at Research labs.) I got to see lots of seriously awesome machines, most of which I haven't the foggiest idea what purpose they have in the lab, but they just looked fantastical and cool to me. I could never be a lab junkie, I am not nearly precise enough, but I like to watch. Drew and I talked about life in between his finagling of lab materials. After he finished at nearly two in the morning, we went to the Subway on 8th that's inside a Macs and stayed there on the window bar. This was slightly entertaining due to the proximity of a bar. A very drunk girl came up to us and said she was awaiting her letter of acceptance to Dentistry and that's why she got drunk. Another guy asked us if we got shredded carrots on our subs, and basically implied that it was weird. (I think so too.) This all goes with my life theory about drunk people and honesty - not always honesty about the biggest things, but all their little thoughts come out honestly, too. The things they normally wouldn't say they are interested in or care about. Like shredded carrots on a sub.

Drew would like it mentioned here in the epic annals of my life that he found use for the word "outfoxed" in our conversation on two ocassions and was impressed with himself. Later I began to use "dovetail" and when he mentioned the continuing theme of animal words I managed to immediately work in "crocodile tears" completely in context. We make a good comedy team.

So Drew and I hung out for many hours last night, and I learned a bit about lab equipment and protein crystallography.

Random thing I should mention. I've been eschewing the use of several declarative forms lately. I do not like to use fantastic or incredible for a lot of things in my life that are neither fantasy nor without credibility. Awesome is another word out of context. I've taken to describing things, more correctly I believe, as glorious, wondrous, marvelous, and phenomenal, fabulous, spectacular, and thrilling. For events I often go with epic, and ocassionally, on account of How I Met Your Mother, legendary: meaning that what happened was so cool, stories will be written about it. Or at least several blog posts. I'm gradually adopting these words into my vocabulary to replace the common terms.
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Re: mhm
Being that there's a maximum ten word difference between the conversations, and that's in added words, not exactly?

Spinning vortex of DEATH!!!!

I miss the lab. I got a lovely email from Grey the other day. That and this post have managed to actually make me homesick. Not for peanut butter, not for non-squat toilets or hot chocolate, but the *lab* of all things.

Here's what I am in Ukrainian: науковец... oh damn this Russian keyboard and not having a makiznak. Anyway, Na-oo-kov-ets. Means "researcher". Go me. :D
I didn't use the centrifuge. I watched from a respectful distance thinking about its status as a spinning vortex of death.

My apologies for the homesickness. <3
Shredded Carrots...
*I* have shredded carrots on *my* subs, but I'm weird. :D