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Too Many Accomplishments

Another summer day
Has come and gone away...

Accomplishments and Stream of Consciousness:
  • I actually did go to Star Trek two days in a row. It was just as good the second time. Maybe even better!
  • I bought shoes today. Fantastic, squishy, comfortable sandals. They were expensive, but I really needed them. It's so rare for me to find shoes that really fit... And they make my feet look good, which is a bonus.
  • I did a grad photoshoot for a stranger. Then I did all the editing tonight. It's 1:30am now. Ugh.
  • I also did a bunch of other work. I've been in front of a screen most of the day. Paid work is good. Too much paid work, still good, but has a lot of disadvantages.
  • I bought groceries. I've been trying to have a totally different sandwich every time, with like, 3 out of 5 variables changed every single time. It's making me happy. And I'm eating a lot of sandwiches, which is very unusual for me.
  • I'm totally on a cucumber kick. Like, I'd eat one every day.
  • All the cucumbers and tomatoes in my life are making me want to watch Veggie Tales.
  • I convocate on Thursday. And lose a whole day of work to it. I still have this feeling like it's a colossal waste of my time, which I am going to squish because I'm probably going to love it.
  • I am too busy. I want a break. Next week, maybe I'll get a moment to relax. Maybe.

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Awwww, sounds like you're having a great and productive time of it. :) So am I lately. Ahhh, life is so much better when you're accomplishing things.