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Star Trek

Cards, we are cards
In a wheel spun around on the truth
Maybe we don't need to know
Any more than we have to

I'm spending vast amounts of time on the computer working for Silver Street and doing other graphic stuff. I'm calling this my lunch hour, I suppose. I grabbed my laptop desk from home last night and now I am set up in the living room, showered in sunlight, and considering going for a walk later before meeting up with Mark for coffee, though it's very windy.

I got my first taste of being Garrett's roommate this weekend. I'm housesitting here at his parent's place because they are on an extended vacation and he's on the road driving a fruit truck six days out of seven, but I'm pleased that I'll have one of my best friends around for at least a few hours every weekend for the first half of the summer. I was thinking the other day how blessed I am to have so many close friends. Especially ones whom I can share God with.

Yesterday aside from church I spent about three hours in Bible Study mode.

The Christian Motorcyclists Association visited my church last night, parking a bunch of Harleys and a few other brands in front. There was a sexy red bike that reminded me of Jessica's dress from Who Framed Roger Rabbit... (It was a Kawasaki Vulcan, if there's enthusiasts on here. Or Trekkies.) Garrett and I went to Kid's Church because it was more fun, but also by invitation because we got to go see all the bikes with the kids... It was a lot of fun and I had a lot of happy moments last night. I also met with the couple whose wedding I'm shooting in early June last night and went over their photo list. It's becoming routine already, doing this wedding photos thing.

I had the pleasure of Garrett's company for church, supper, and Star Trek. I am a huge fan of the entertainment value of that particular franchise and that movie was pure entertainment. Loved every minute of it. I'd elaborate, but even though basically all you people reading this are nerds like me, some of you might not have made it to the theater yet, so I won't discuss the scenes I liked best here.

Now for actual lunch and then back to work.

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Indeed. Star Trek was just pure good old fashioned FUN. I loved it and I've never seen a Star Trek movie or episode before.
I saw it the day before I left for Ukraine and I LOVED it. It was really different, but also excellent. Though I'm not sure about the time travel. Will have to talk to Ricki about that one.
Ahahaha, oh it totally didn't work, but they still stepped the logic of it up a notch from most movies! :D I loved the movie.