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And I'm right on the edge of forever
Ready to run
Keeping my feet on the ground
My arms open wide
My face to the sun

This is the summer of dreams come true. This is my Summer of '69, only it's the 40 year anniversary and I'm pretty sure it will have a happier ending than the original song. I can't even begin to express the sum of my happiness. I am so enamoured of life right now. Blessings are pouring on me in a deluge, and all I can do is raise my hands and eyes to the puffy-cloud-filled, sunny sky in wordless, smiling thanks.

Just a quick advertisement for the awesomeness of blogging, folks. I had a job interview today for Silver Street Jewelers. Some of you may remember that I blogged about it last summer when I visited the store in Prince Albert and hit it off so well with the girl on staff there that she highly recommended the job to me, including the owners, who she obviously both admired and liked. Having received this glowing report of the job and the owners I was hoping for a chance to work in one of the stores, and I did actually apply for one of them, though I wasn't hired at the time. In mid-April, Wes, one of the owners, was surfing the net. Because I'd referred to their store by name, he found my blog entry. He emailed me and requested that I apply to work with them. We had some correspondence and I sent him my resume. We agreed on today for an interview. He bought me a coffee at the Starbucks next door and we proceeded to have a comfortable and mutually agreeable interview. As of today I've been hired to work casually at the Broadway location, with part time and full time work likely in the near future and with some discussion of my doing design work for them as well.

I'm not sure how often I've mentioned it in my blog, but I love Broadway. Anyone who knows me well will know this. I did a major photoshoot there one year for the official assignment of shooting in a place you love. I soak in the artistic atmosphere. I am absolutely thrilled to be offered work on the street I love most. Some of you may not realize how much I like gemstones and silver jewelry, but I really do like them. One of the jobs I have always dreamed of, distantly, is to work in a jewelry store. Not one of those stuffy places, but one like this where everything is artistic and beautiful.

How soon will I be able to say I have everything I ever wanted? The countdown is on.
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CONGRATULATIONS!! :D I love Broadway too. I know you're going to love spending so much time there!