HG2G, Don't Panic


And someone said that ain't my scene
'Cause they need a new song
Like a new religion
Music for the television
I can't do the long division
Someone do the math

There are 42 emails in my inbox. And it just turned into Thursday. So I'd better get the hang of it quick, because I have suddenly reverted to extreme busyness, but just for a two-day stretch. There are several reasons for this. First, I am about to embark into the world of doing work I get paid to do, for which I am extremely grateful. Second, I am about to live life as a split-shift again - yes, that's right, housesitting. Third, there's some major stuff going down at my family home that I need to help with. Between these things and some rather incessant erranding, I have some really solid work to do for the first time in over a month. I finally gave up on finding my pretty and wonderful day planner and bought a cheap, crappy one to do some grunt work for me... I needed it badly. There were ten things on the agenda for the day and I covered all but one of them and much, much more.

I can explain the speed of this change to all y'all as well: I have a job interview on Friday that has a high likelihood of a very positive result: being hired at a job I really, really want to have. My friend Paul and I are road-tripping to Regina over the entire weekend. On Monday when I get back I'll be moving into my friend Garrett's family home, where I will be housesitting for the next seven weeks after the rather short notice of yesterday, though I'd been asked if I was willing a week ago. Thus tons of sorting, packing, and general flurries of activity rather than snow.

This all comes at the best possible time. (Thank you, God.) I am greatly looking forward to having my own place to both veg in absolute quiet and entertain again. Oh, and play my music loudly. Also, out of their great kindness, Garrett's parents are paying for all my groceries over (more than) the first half of the summer, so I need to make a list of things I need, like powdered lemonade, to get through this summer alive. In a strange twist of fate, there will be AC at home and not where I'll be, though their downstairs area is cooler in summer and they have an abundance of fans to provide for the heat.

Today I was frighteningly efficient. It's been so long since school that I'd kind of forgotten how awesome my efficency can be. I took my Grandma out in the morning and got three major errands done in less than half an hour. I read over 100 pages of Anna Karenina and finally got to the insanely awesome romantic scene. (I r l t s. I u i, b t I e c h b n!) I dog-earred three pages where the quotes were simply so excellent I had to remember where they were.  I booked flights via Air Miles to Victoria for July, where I am going to a high-quality, highly recommended seminar on the wedding photography business (where my friend and mentor Stuart K. will also be attending) and then spending the weekend with my friend Jay - seven days of my summer, and right after the housesitting gig ends. Tonight I visited the place where I'll be housesitting and went through all the quirks, like which windows don't close once you open them and where the houseplants live. I did wash, and sorted clothes, then actually took a pair of needlenose pliers to a shirt that has an unruly hook and eye type front. It's one of my favourite shirts, but the front pops open constantly, which is both annoying and indecent, and I never wear it open, so it was about time. I'd been planning that act for over a year and I finally got to it. There's an abundance of things of this sort that I've been wanting to do forever and I am now actually doing. (Reading a lot and watching movies I really want to see is also a part of the equation, and I've been knocking stuff off that list with alacrity.)

After talking to Kori on the phone briefly, I got invited to a great way to spend time: I blew bubbles off the train bridge with friends. It was a good show and people enjoyed it. I also promptly bought a particular bubble blowing item that I was introduced to... I will likely post pics or links to pics soon. Bubble blowing is one of my favourite childhood-type activities, cheap and awesome and artistic and gets you dirty but not really because it's soap! Anyway, I'm getting excited...

When I got home from going for a very brief coffee with my good friend Michael, who is one of the several people I know who seem to be living a rather parallel life to mine, I sat in my car on my driveway and played through dozens of new songs. Some really awesome stuff that's been on my "New Stuff" playlist for a long time. Sometime in the next two days I have to quickly rearrange my already extant road trip playlist. (The simple On-The-Go thing was the best idea Apple ever had for the iPod Classic, I tell you.)

I also need to add a whole lot of music to the 2009 playlist. I've been listening to a lot of new stuff and old stuff, but there are things in common - all the music is happy. I'm so happy, I'm probably glowing with it. I'm losing weight. I'm having fun. No matter how much of a battle I'm in right now, I know the ending, and at least the determining factor of the plot: I'm one of His favourites.

And when my arguments are watertight
You expose every hole with a flash and a flood and I know
I hear You call in the eye of the storm
And I know You’ve had my back since the day I was born
Still stoking my heart
Still stirring my head
You’re my pillar of fire
You’re the wine, You’re the bread

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