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Winter Into May

I thought there would never be an end
Then love came knocking at my door
Since I met You I've been okay
You're rolling my winter into May
And since I met You I've been alright,
I've been okay

Friday was a bit of a long day. In the morning my Grandma and Aunt had doctors' appointments, but lo and behold, there was actually snow outside and their vehicle's defrost isn't working at present, so I took them to the appointment and sat in the office reading Anna Karenina until my friend Brennan showed up and then we talked about Sci Fi and that since most of it is written by men, it's very war-like. It was a great conversation, touched on the movie Unbreakable too. Then my family and I went for lunch and then to Dutch Growers, a flower store turned fashion depot where all the jewelry is cheap and beyond cool.

In the evening I got to see my friend Kori for about 20 minutes. I came in her door, sat on her couch, and she lounged on me on the couch and said, "I love you, Twyla." I had one of those moments where I am so grateful to God that I have so many absolutely wonderful and supportive friends. I've needed them and drawn on their strength lately, and God has been good to me - all the time I have spent in being support is being returned to me when I need it the most. It's the only way to live.

I was seeing Kori on my way to Wolverine. Stopped off at my favourite downtown hole-in-the-wall Restaurant 224 for a quick meal with Garrett, then met up with friends at the movie. The movie featured Hugh Jackman with swords in his hands and explosions. If anyone has any realistic arguments on how a movie could be bad with a spine like that, let me know.

After that we tried out the new place downtown called Flint, which I was actually quite impressed with, and then we went to Tim Hortons.

It was a very good day, all in all.
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