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Stressed is the word of the day.

Spent lots of time with Stacy. *yay*

Met Millie and Bob. (People who knew me when I was "knee high to a grashopper" as we say in Saskatchewan.)

Got first dibs on lesson times with Gary Dr. Gable. (Had a little sermon about no "Gary" in the hallways, and was then told he was messing with me. I dunno yet. I haven't had the time to judge his character properly.

I was exhausted and generally in pain today. It was one of those days where you can tell your energy meter is sitting around 1/8 of where it should be due to allergies or a cold. It sucked. I even told Jordie that he had one warning to beware of me today. I was that bad.

Went to choir tonight early and slept on a bench for half an hour. (Wasn't home all day.)

Came home, got really stressed on money issues since my student loan isn't coming through, and ended up a crying wreck.

Now I'm finishing all the stuff I have to do today and eating Gran's chicken curry. Somehow I have to eat tomorrow.

Things I'm happy about? Many. I get to inherit CC's keyboard so I can have a musical thing downstairs when I need to be up late figuring some things out... I do have a piano, but having a small one will really help me out. Many thanks to CC. I shall have to visit your house soon.

I need to do so many things tommorow I'm actually printing off a list.

*silently screams in frustration as if it will help*

I hate getting sick before school.

*goes to check on fish eggs*
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"Knee high to a grasshopper" has to be one of the better ways of saying you knew someone since they were little. I like that.

I hate those low energy days with a particular passion. You never really and truly feel like you are in the flow of life. Events seem like they are happening around you and not to you.
Cheer up!
I don't really know what that means, but I heard it somewhere once. . .
Re: Cheer up!
How do I change the times on this thing? It's actually 5:49 a.m. here now, not whatever it is saying above.