rise from the ashes, phoenix

Everything's Obvious

When I'm listening
Everything's obvious
The way you put your hand on me
The way you talk so easily

I am totally exhausted from 8am wakeup calls all week and constant appointments with people once I get out of work... and they're not quite over yet. For this reason, I was going to take this opportunity of a Friday to go to bed stupidly early, like around now at 7. Except then I found out that the last ballroom dance of the season is tonight - the Classic Ball. And then I realized I'm really, really exhausted and already nearly at a headache stage. Some things you just end up missing out on. I don't want to push myself.

I am a good deal of the way through Anna Karenina and loving it.

I took today off because tomorrow and Sunday look to be gallivanting days where I'll get to see and talk to lots of people.

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