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Food for Thought - Part III

Will you won't you, be the one I'll always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows,
You slow it down

Tomorrow will actually conclude my Food Bank work week, so I won't continue posting because I'm only going to go with 10 facts, but the whole week remains my own personal Food Bank Awareness week.

Food Bank Fact #7: In 2006, the total tax benefits for all tax returns assisted by volunteers at the Saskatoon FB&LC was $4,987,640!
Food Bank Fact #8: The Food Bank must buy milk because of the fast spoil rate, and they often do not have enough. The Saskatoon Food Bank accepts cash donations for their special Milk Fund.
Food Bank Fact #9:  The goal of the Saskatoon Food Bank is to eliminate the need for their own organization to exist!
Food Bank Fact #10: The foods required most at the Saskatoon Food Bank (and I'm sure this is true of most food banks) are as follows: Baby Food, Infant Formula, canned foods including meat, beans, fruits and vegetables, and soup; whole grain cereals, and peanut butter.

This concludes my portion of FBAW. Please let me know if you have been inspired to donate! PLEASE DONATE to a local food bank today!

Today I finished reading The Great Gatsby and started Anna Karenina. I can totally tell why Fitzgerald and Tolstoy are celebrated. Their writing style is liquid sensuality. I'm really appreciating the chance I've had to read so much classic lit. I've read nearly 700 pages of it in three days, and I have 600 more of Tolstoy to go that I'd really like to finish this week.

Tonight I attended the Ballroom Dancing club AGM and am in a severe designing/creative/marketing mood that may not go away for several days, and certainly not until I have a site design approved. I'm still going to go to sleep tonight! I really will!

In other news. I was cold all day. This is the first job I've ever had where I've parked further away from work each day. I have some issues I should really deal with, but I'm just coasting and I'm totally okay with that today. I need some time to process them away from classic novels and ringing phones.

And who's to say it's wrong
And who's to say that it's not right
Where we should be for now

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