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Food for Thought - Part I

And they say that a hero could save us
I'm not gonna stand here and wait

Lots of things are happening - tons of time spent with friends and such, movies, books and drama of both the personal and stage kind.

I really don't have time to do this, but I'm afraid my whole life is going to start blurring together if I don't try and sort it out here at least a little bit.

Saturday: Tons of wedding image editing from my Easter wedding shoot. Long walk by the river with a friend. Went to see Little Shop of Horrors, thanks to a donated ticket, where they had truly excellent actors and singers! Bought a new breed of red-veined spiked coleus dubbed "Audrey III" from a plant breeder who was a LSH fan selling them at intermission. Had some actual horrors. Up half the night writing things that would never see the light of day. (I have this theory that your brain chemistry changes at night, which actually contributes to social issues.)

Sunday: Finished all my wedding image editing and gave the couple a DVD! Managed to go to two different Starbucks and a Tim Hortons over the course of the day. Ironed out some issues. Saw a friend I hadn't seen in a long time...

Today: Work. Watched Independence Day at Paul's house - with a borrowed TV and my DVD player... Stuff blew up and there was geekery and aliens and Will Smith... which is obviously code for awesomeness. After that I went for late night supper with Jadon at Mano's, where our waitress was spectacular and introduced us to a book called, Bigfoot: I Not Dead, which is rather a graphic novel/comic of sorts. It was totally awesome though, and I loved our waitress enough to actually leave her a note with my contact info to see if she'd be interested in going for coffee.

I have more important things to illumine, though, seeing as I work at 8am. (Re-exposed to that word, illumine, today. Love it.)

But first! I will say that I got in such a funk yesterday I stayed up until 3am trying to write a sonnet. The first stanza is amazing, but I keep running into issues. Guess I'm not Shakespeare. Oh well. Also, my car is nearly at 200,000km. Sometime on this tank of gas it will change. I'm totally scrutinizing it, just waiting for the flipside. Gotta have something to look forward to after being done school.

I have this theory that there's some sort of very thin but present universal psuedo-psychic link that causes people to think about and call the same location at the same time. (Also, office rythyms play a part in call volume and timing, thus a billion calls around the beginning and end of lunch, around break times, and just before close.) I have some belief in global consciousness, so telephones are just another facet of that. (I'm now creating a new filter called, "I have this theory..." for such theories. I put them in here all the time, but I'd love to be able to look them all up at once. Two in one post today.)

Now the important stuff!

Normally I'm not supposed to talk about the kind of temp work I get with Kelly's, but I don't think that anyone will mind if I make an exception in this case. Anyone who knows me well or has been reading my blog lately will appreciate the irony: I got a call from temp and this week I'm working at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre for the week as front desk reception. (It is either slow or insanely fast. There was a nearby bookshelf, so I've been reading Verne's Around the World In 80 Days, which is actually fantastic. Phileas Fogg is my newest hero!)

Our city food bank is an absolutely fantastic organization. I'm declaring this week my own personal Food Bank Awareness Week. This is in part because I've always loved the food bank. I was totally thrilled that I got called in to work there this week! Anything to help them out because they are heroes.

If you enjoy my journal, please donate something to the food bank (in your area) this week, and let me know that you did!

This thought came to be when a man walked into the Food Bank today, into the office area because he'd never been there before. He had a little girl on his arm. I asked if I could help him, and he said with a deep breath, "Unfortunately, yes." He began to outline his situation with rawness, obviously at the end of hope. My heart broke for his low dignity, his worn-out eyes. I gave him directions for the warehouse and wished him well. Then I had a moment of real clarity about how shitty I feel about my life right now.

FOOD BANK FACT #1: It's hardest for them to get volunteers in summertime. (Not so long ago, 80% of people under age 50 volunteered their time in some manner, now only 40% do and that number is declining.)
FOOD BANK FACT #2: My city's food bank distributes approximately 100,000 kg of food each month. (There are only about 225,000 people living here in total.)
FOOD BANK FACT #3: Over 12,000 people, half of which are children, are served each month. (That's 5% of the city's entire population, and a majority of people don't use it every month.)

Live a life of privilege
Pushing back the last, the lost
The least of these
To dull the edge of concscience with conceit
Live a life and see the world
Feel it's weight on the shoulders of the least of these
It spins and twirls without rest or relief
We all, we all wear dignity
It covers the strong, the weak
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