La Danza


What is love?
Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

Yesterday (since it's now after 5am, yesterday is an appropriate term) I spent most of the day in my basement, sorting papers and doing computer work. The papers were all from my Grade 12 year. Between bits and pieces of homework looseleaf lay poems and relationship sagas and paper conversations with a best friend from the times when English class was intolerably boring. I'll post some of them sometime.

The volunteer supper and dance was tonight. I danced about five really spectacular dances and a couple of really sucky ones, but barely danced at all. I danced a very sultry West Coast, and a more technically correct one, I learned the hustle to Haddaway, which is FAST, I danced a foxtrot so fast and with so many spins that I was dizzy and almost fell over afterwards, a great cha cha with my friend Timothy, and I danced a few other good ones as well. Overall, the quality of the dances I did have outweighed the quantity at some other dances, so I was satisfied in the end...

Before most of these dances, they played one of my favourite songs with the lyric, "I want to go home" and a song later, "Are you lonesome tonight" and I apparently looked and felt like a picture of misery after that kind of mood music when I was already feeling out of the loop, so one of the really cool ladies I've worked with from the exec offered to buy me a drink and invited me over to her table (I'd been sitting alone after the only friends I had there ditched me, apparently to go to the gym.)

After the dance I went to Timmy's with Chantal and we talked about the latest dramas, and then we cruised over to Dave's house where Dave, Kaylee, Chantal and I watched Get Smart, which was even better the second time around. I laughed so hard, just loved the actors and the gags so much.

Then I watched the first rays of twilight seeping over the horizon.

It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home

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