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And Tell Me Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Now for the question that just won't go away
So what are we gonna do today
Cuz it seems like for the last four years
We've had far much less of a say

So don't think I'm going to sit and complain
When there's so many good things left to say
But watch closely as I refrain
From forgetting who I am along the way

My studying procrastination from yesterday kept me awake until 3am. I still got four hours of sleep, and I'm going to do my best to keep more on track with sleep in the future. My Grandma offered me breakfast in the morning, and I ended up having lovely eggs and toast. That's my favourite breakfast, so it was an awesome way to start my last day of school. Ever. (I really love saying that.)

After breakfast I realized I didn't really have time to shower and shrugged, heading off to my final. My prof quoted a line from poetry about a spider letting bugs into his home when we came in for the exam. It was a bit of a brutal exam, there was a book I didn't write on because I didn't like the topic for it that I would have loved to write on, and there were about three of the topics out of 15 that I was grasping for a little and it will probably show. It's the least at ease I've ever felt for an English final, but think of it this way - the sum total of the books I was studying would be about four thousand pages, maybe a bit more. At least a hundred character names to remember the correct spelling of... That plus about a hundred pages of notes. Yeah, not a stressful exam at all. But for the most part I enjoyed myself and I only had to slog a couple of times. On my way out of the exam, Prof Kelly offered me a letter of recommendation if I ever needed it. I may have to take him up on that.

Coming out of my final I got a message on my phone from Kelly Services, and had to call my friend Leah to see if we were still planning a road trip to Moose Jaw tomorrow. While I was waiting for a response I took bottles to the recycling place, and they came just under the $20 return limit, giving me some cash on hand. Leah then texted back and said she had 40 minutes to spend with me if I had them, so we met downtown and ended up walking to the Library and doing a quick raid. There's a little dining establishment called Mulberry's that neither of us had ever tried, so we went in today. I had an intense cranberry orange muffin for lunch with grapefruit juice, and helped Leah demolish a truly excellent piece of Key Lime Cheesecake. We are, in fact, planning a road trip for tomorrow to Moose Jaw to go spa-swimming and enjoy some of the atmosphere of a place not Saskatoon.

After my time with Leah I came home, found my best pieces from printmaking and took them to school, where I met briefly with my prof, who unexpectedly requested a piece - my dancers - for the U of S collection. He also asked me to do a few minutes of cleanup, which I did gladly. Then I came home, parked butt end in the driveway and cleaned out my car, trunk to backseat to frontseat to glovebox. I still haven't vaccummed it because I started feeling kind of sick, but it's gloriously barren in there. And then I updated my resume and applied to jobs...

My Grandma was playing totally random music off a website I got her addicted to. She was playing a bluegrass song which I would guess is called Grandma's Feather Bed. It was hilarious, but I was not really in the mood for bluegrass and country and related genres today. Of course, the next song on her list was Danny's Song by Kenny Logins. Now my left hand fingers are bruised and sore. It's been SO long since I picked up my beautiful guitar. I was starving for it. And I can play that song now, thanks to E7 and a cheat that allows me to play Bm without a bar chord.

I had a superiorly excellent day, I must say. So good. And there's more to come.

And in the morning when I rise
You bring a tear of joy to my eyes
And tell me everything's gonna be alright

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Yay! I had a good day too! I would tell about it here but I just posted on my own journal so you can check there if you feel like it. To make a long story short, I had a nice lifeguarding shift.

And that IS a pretty amazing site! Its gotta be too good to be legal! Wow. They've got songs that I would not expect them to have. Wow.