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General Invitation

It's been awhile since I've asked, but I post a lot of posts privately (just for myself) and with a level of friends-locking. I'd like to invite any lurkers who are watching (either from the internets at large or FB friends or other real life friends who for some crazy reason don't have Facebook) without an LJ account to create one and add me, then comment here and I'll add you to whatever layer of friends-lock I'm okay with you reading. Also, there's a number of my newer LJ friends who may be interested in this. There's a lot of posts about various relationships and personal issues and stuff, so if you're into that kind of thing, let me know.

I'll also take this moment to let everyone know if they just skip my entries all the time that they're free to let me go, no hard feelings. I know I post a lot and some people just don't care... It's no big deal.
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Hi there, I've created a mysterious Livejournal account. All this internet business makes me dizzy.

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