glass half what?

Photospam. Finally.

I don't think you can cope with it
I don't think you can handle it
Forgive my unforgetfulness

Today I had two plans. Studying and going out with Kori for a walk by the river. First plan? Happened. I now have a veritable SHEAF of paper. I'm pretty sure there's 50-100 sheets of notes, synopses, and character lists that I'm going to read tomorrow, along with a couple of the books. No time like the day before an exam, really. All the motivation required, and a whole day.

Second plan? Happened, but not as planned. Then I ended up going to the gym for the second day in a row - not planned, but good. I'm averaging about 50% on the health plan. Glass half full or half empty? I can't decide. My icon for this is actually named, "Glass half what?" That's usually when I use it - when I don't know. And I don't. I don't know how I feel today. Which is why when I actually did get home I was really snippy and cheesed off my parents pretty badly. Ugh. I just kind of hate everything right now, and I want to start over. Except for that whole thing where I'm stuck here. In time and space. Should I attempt construction on a transmogrifier or a Delorean?

Today I picked up my friend Kori, decided to drive out of town, West, and drove until there was a turnoff for a town. The town's name was Asquith. I quipped to Kori that there were enough strange things in small-town Saskatchewan to be touristy about, you didn't need to go far from home at all for that. Indeed, there was a skeleton train and lots of interesting junkpiles, a few dilapidated buildings with great artistic presence, and a small ranch-y General Store where we bought an interesting selection of foods ranging from candy to an ice cream bar to carrots and dip. Also, I had pretty much the best grapefruit juice of my life. Mental note: Dole is awesome right now.

Kori, about to devour her gigantic Oreo, and a tree out of town with a fence around it that I thought looked cool.

Also, today I uploaded a whole lot of photos to Facebook so people could at least see some of what I've done this term. There are a few photos of Hidden//Exposed, my art show, which I am sure many of you have been longing to see since I was talking about it so much back in March.

There are a few panoramas, though not nearly as many as I've worked on this semester.

And there's a few pics from my Incongruous photo series up as well where I set up unlikely scenes to photograph around town.

Browse to your heart's content, folks.

In a way, we're the same two people looking out to sea
For a wave that would carry all our fantasies
If there's a way to infiltrate you
Sway your mind and complicate you
I'm gonna crash into your world

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Lovely photos. I've been waiting for photos of your art show so it was nice to see them at last. You said that people interacted with the art at the gallery, but I'd need a better description or some photos to understand what you mean by that. Could you open up the locks with the keys for example?
Yes, the hanging keys were for the express purpose of unlocking the boxes and reading the books of my secrets. I shall have to post my artist's statement for the show.