When All That's Left Is You

You're mixing me up now
You're pulling my teeth out
You're wishing my arguments away
I'll follow directions
I'll stick to your reasons
This isn't the season to go running away

This post is really just an excuse for album love.

I rediscovered my Quietdrive album yesterday because I wanted to listen to Rise from the Ashes as I went errand-ing with my Mom. I hated the rest of the album when I first picked it up. I remember thinking that I needed to be in the right mood for relationship-examining punk, so I kept it on my iPod. Well I am abundantly in the right mood now. This is the most perfect album for my present funk. Of course, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, spring is in the air, and I am just levelling off from going to the gym and then binge eating almost an entire bag of chips last night when I went over to Dave's place and we watched Cool Runnings. The movie was awesome, the decision to binge again, not so awesome. I'll make it on this journey, but I am going to need to fight my own darkness, and I've been feeding it for a long time.

And I feel the way I feel because I
Need you all the time and I
Know all the things you know but that's just
Not enough to make you mine

My life has been a whirlwind since Lent started. I think I've done what I can to work out all my relationship issues with various people, and in retrospect this has all been incredibly easy because it could have been a total emotional wasteland the way things have been going for the last several months. Thankfully people are forgiving and some are coming back to themselves. Perhaps even me.

Anyway, yesterday morning and some of the evening I studied. Miraculously, I actually studied for an English exam, and continue to do so. I might as well ace it if I'm already going to do well, I figure. In my current mental state I won't have any problems with passive voice, that's for sure. Then I took my Mom shopping for clothes and convinced her to buy pretty much the whole lot of what she tried on because she looks well in spring colors and doesn't often shop. I don't remember everything else we did, but we made good time.

My studying has produced numerous interesting procrastinatory moments. Such as learning about entailments in England in the 19th C. and other fun things.

Now I'm going to finish reading Northanger Abbey and start Silas Marner again. I heard it gets a lot better after the first 10 chapters or so, which was where I stopped.

And maybe yesterday
Was the day that I could get away
Now today I'm stuck in sanity
And I'm pleased to meet you

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