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Who You Gonna Call?

  A Softer World comic I found amusing today.
I'm off to the gym

Today was fairly uneventful, really. Interview in the morning, which went well and took less than half an hour including the practical part where they asked me to switch ad formats in InDesign. Funny when the simplest things are the hardest to find, as I hadn't used the program in a few months. I forgot how to fill a rectangle with color momentarily, and then I couldn't find the tool that allowed me to delete columns. Ah well.

I had brunch with my Grandma and Aunt - poached eggs, which I love - and then ran a few errands before spending the entire rest of the day at my friend Amy's place, watching both Ghostbusters movies for the first time and having probably the best homemade pizza ever. I am now aware of a whole lot of pop cultural references that I was totally unaware of before. Also, a friend's username! Oh, Bill Murray.

Anyway, I've been tired all day and now I'm actually going to sleep. I could have a couple hours ago, but I had the drive to write, and so I did. Tomorrow I plan to spend the day wrapped in a blanket on the couch, studying up for my final. It should be a good day, buried in 19th C. novels...

People keep asking me what I'm going to do. I'm going to coast for a little while until I stop, and then I'm going to restart life.

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Like cruise control...

I've never seen the second Ghostbusters, but then I haven't seen other sequels from that era either. But see, some good references *are* from the '80s. :D