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A New Era

The squirrels gathered nuts, the sun shone on the leaves
The fragrance of the flowers sweetened the gentle breeze
The birdies were all singing... but they're not anymore
I dug the whole thing up and built a big box store!

Tonight I went to yet another Arrogant Worms concert. It's one of my many annual activities. It was, as always, totally awesome. I instantly bought the new album and can't wait to hear all the songs they did or did not perform in concert. They played almost all my super top favourite songs of theirs tonight, including Jesus' Brother Bob and I Ran Away and the Mime Abduction. Man, it was AWESOME. Their set list was fantastic. The in-jokes this time were that Mike could only count to three, Saskatchewan... Mike was saying: "Instead of Land of the Living Skies on your license plates you can say, 'Shaped Like A Parking Spot'!" So many good moments. I went with my friend Paul and we both laughed so hard basically the entire time. Great way to approach the end of a hard week, that's for sure.

The pain is subsiding, but every now and again it's awakened.

And if you give me a chance
Believe that I can change
I'll keep us together
Whatever it takes

I have changed my journal layout pending my immediate graduation. The last time I changed it was when I was going into art school. Here we are at the end of that journey, with another one beginning. An era of extreme changes. It's time to take myself in for repairs.

Things are gonna change now, for the better

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Sweet new layout! The colors you picked are perfect!! And I love the top banner :D :D