cactus, desert


Don't look at me if you're looking for perfection
Don't look at me, I will always let you down

Bussed to school this morning for a brief appointment with Keith where I found, unsurprisingly, that he gave me an 85 on my presentation. I'd expect that he gave me good marks in the other two written portions of the class, so that's good.

Woke up from my post-extraction slumber at home and hurting, but I took two Advil liquigels and the pain has subsided.

I am a little appalled at the lack of communication and chairside manner with my Dentist. He may be good and efficient, but I don't think that makes up for it anymore.

I got there and they were all shocked, they'd faxed in a prescription for me for sedative and I never got it. I was supposed to take it half an hour before surgery. Nice work letting me know that a few days before the surgery instead of three months ago, where I vaguely remember processing the information just before leaving the office.

When I realized that what they meant by sedative was merely drowsy pills that would "relax me" and not putting me out entirely, I nearly just got up and walked out. I was SO afraid of this stupid appointment. So the dentist comes in and tells me in a firm, loud, and unfriendly voice that I had to get things moving because we were running out of time. Take the sedative and let's get with this.

Way to make me feel like an assembly line job.

I was again, so close to just getting up and walking out. I ruefully noted that a rather large number of things I have done though I truly hated them were because of money. The way I pressured myself through school for student loans, and now doing this for insurance.

I was so scared, and crying, and there was nobody there with me. So I just suffered through the freezing needles and tried hard to relax, seeing as the drugs didn't really take well until my second tooth.

Yet another terrible dental experience, only this time the physical aspect went pretty much okay.

Spirit, soul, and body, I am in pain and worn out. I need rest, the kind that sleep doesn't even really cover.

Life could you be a little softer to me
Life could you be more gentle to me
Yeah I know this is a selfish plea,
Because Christ sacrificed his flesh
On the cross for me
But this world is hard, it's cruel
And I wish it could be...
Softer to me

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