does anyone know


I've heard every album, listened to the radio
Waited for something to come along
That was as good as our song...

It's kind of hard to actually recount the last few days. So much to think about and to recap. I haven't blogged in ever it seems, and I keep trying to look back and figure out where I left off.

One thing is for sure - spring hit with a vengeance around Wednesday or so. I just sneezed like four times in a row and my eyes are so watery I can barely see the screen. Stupid being allergic to an entire season. Hateful snow molds and dust and pollens and deathful things. I want my energy and health back, I tell you.

Thursday: I had classes and I went to Care Group for the first time in weeks. Oddly, I remember almost nothing else about my day. I barely remember my classes either. I spent the morning photographing Shelley in an elevator, though. That much I remember.

Friday consisted of another photoshoot at noon and an oil change, finally. Lunch with my friend Roberta, cruising for a junkyard to photograph in and finally finding one, supper with Paul... Then a ballroom dance that sucked and then sucky news by email of sad things in the lives of several friends and an email letting me know that I didn't make the Weston Fellowship even though my interview had been awesome and I'd almost expected to have it. Lots of Friday was a lesson in not getting my hopes up and not being afraid of rejection. Also, it was a crazy day. I met a guy randomly - a photographer who stopped his truck in the middle of a parking lot to hail me and ask what kind of camera I had. He had some of his work with him and showed it to me - birds mostly - and it was quite impressive. He gave me his cell number to meet for coffee some day. And I met the owners of Long and McQuade, who gave me their card, they do photo work.

Today XKCD linked to a service called Omegle - a new and simple chat (developed by an 18-year-old) that connects you with random people. I've so far talked to two people from Brazil. The first one had nominal English skills, but we talked about traveling and he wants to see England. He taught me the Portugese word for wonderful: maravilhoso. Some people just shorten it to mara - which is apparently a pop culture thing. London is a mara city, the person told me. And the gentleman I am speaking to now lives on an island and has never seen snow. He complains that in Brazil it is too hot, and all they have is beaches! He hates having an August birthday because it's winter then... And now we're trading favourite songs and talking about what we want to do with our lives and how people don't respect their own languages or each other. It's... enchanting? I don't know how to explain it... It's so cool to readjust my worldview this way. I'm sure this service gets a lot of abuse - this guy started the conversation with an assurance that he wasn't planning to cyber with me - but my first two experiences were really cool... And we ended up trading emails in the end.

I tried a new open source program for stitching panoramas today, but it didn't work for me. Too many variables I couldn't figure out on it. I may just need to spend several hours on the tutorials though, I was trying it blind today.

Also, my family bought a Carnvial Games Wii game. I was so addicted when I tried it tonight I played every game and was on the thing for 3 hours! Seriously. It has so many games that I love. Like Skee Ball and the bowling ball rolling one where there's valleys and you have to get the ball to stay in a valley, and balloon darts and all sorts of fun stuff. I am SUCH a fan of this game. Also, you get to win cool costuming items. Like hats. Really super awesome hats. The only other game I've played this much in my life was Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed.

And now I'm going to go to sleep. At 4:30am. Because I talked to a stranger from Brazil all night after a day of taking photos of a picnic I set up in a junkyard with four of my friends. I love my life.

Minha vida é maravilhosa.

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My birthday...
I understand how that guy feels. My birthday is in July, and (ugh) it's summer! ;)