flying paper


I'm so green, it's really amazing
I'm so clean, too bad I can't get all the dirt off of me

I forgot to quote my English prof yesterday.

“In the chapter entitled, The Hollow Amid the Ferns they go to a secret place and he shows her his swordplay. I don't want my dirty interpretation of this, I'm going to make one of you say it. Nothing? You can't be that stupid. You can't be that innocent! You've got to be one of the two.” - Prof Kelly, regarding Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd.

Everyone laughed pretty hard. (Also, he told me he'd really loved my show and said I was very talented. Always good news!)

It's been a very dirty couple of days. There was mud everywhere from the spring meltdown, which is draining away quite fast. I feel like winter was a really long time ago and won't be around for a long time either. Now we just have mud and puddles until the grass grows.

I went stargazing last night with Dave and Chantal, but didn't have a bath after. The mud got on my jeans from all the shuffling around in the attempt to get warm. It was a really beautiful night, but rather colder than we expected, so we all had to get close to keep warm. I was lying facing Dave's car for awhile, it was parked at an angle with a horizon halo and hundreds of stars above it. Dialogue sample: "Status on the car: still sexy. I'm pretty sure your car is sexier than you, Dave. Sorry." Good times.

This morning my throat hurt and I almost forgot to brush my hair. I really need to shower tomorrow. I feel gross.

Is a thread developing? Then today I went for a massage and it was awesome. I always stop myself form moaning because it makes me feel awkward, but there's such an overlay of things hurting and feeling good it would certainly be an occasion for vocals. I was going to get my car's oil changed while I was getting the massage, but it remains dirty until Friday now. Like my car, which is brown with mud. And then after the massage I went for coffee with Kori and discussed lots of interesting things. And then we went to buy her fishnet stockings at Wal-Mart. Then I went over to Printmaking and got my hands all black with toner while working on my litho plate, which seems to be turning out well.

Now I'm downloading a Kings of Leon CD... and if you know their stuff you'll know I'm continuing the theme.

Of course, then I cleaned my room. Gotta break the trend eventually.

And I don't know why you couldn't just stay with me
You couldn't stand to be near me
When my face don't seem to want to shine
Cuz it's a little bit dirty

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It is a really dirty time of year. Also, the fishnets were awesome. I got so many compliments on them tonight.
No sluch, thankfully....
Thankfully there's less and less slush. Grateful for that, I am! Now there's dust, though. Ugh.

I see that Kori got some compliments, eh? :)
AHAHAHA. I heard that in Kelly's voice, and then I got to the end of the quote and I was right!! I didn't know you were in a class with Kelly. Man, if I were in that class, I would have used that moment for exactly what it was made for: someone was supposed to say "bow chicka wow wow."