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Israel Rememberance

She said like it or not
It's the way it's gotta be
You've gotta love yourself
If you can ever love me

A year ago today I was on a plane to Israel. Listening to Lifehouse. Today I was in my car on the way to school. Listening to the same album. It's a bit of a March album for me. (LJ evidence exists for several years in that regard, them and Jars of Clay and Starfield, which are similar in tone.)

Today I handed in two of my final assignments. An essay I'd been working on forever finally gelled today. I believe I have only four things left now. A final in English, an in-class essay in Art History, a print of a Caravaggio in Printmaking and a quick final look over my work, and a Photo project. So little, really.

People from the ROMA cast keep adding me on Facebook. =)

Now I am going stargazing. And after that, I plan to come home and have a hot and steamy bath with a Lush bath bomb in it. And tomorrow I've booked a 1-hour massage, and I'm going to get a photo printed because I'm in an art show - a group show - next week too.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off from anything (other than the photo printing) resembling work. Glorious.

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