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Life As An Epic - Waiting for Rome To Burn

While I'm waiting for Rome to burn (I am burning master CDs of Roma, the play I've been official photographer for this week) I'll do a really scaled-back recap of the week.
  • My show was on. It was awesome.
  • The reception I had with two other artists was one of the biggest receptions the gallery has ever hosted. Awesome with a side of awesome.
  • Me and my family experienced the show together and then took it down on Saturday morning and afternoon.
  • I feel a queer sort of thin but present melancholy.
  • The Roman Show was on. It was also awesome and my photos are epic, which is the point of the whole thing.
  • My Aunt bought me my Grad gift of a Lumix pocket camera to carry on the family tradition. Now my Mom has to think of something more creative because both Geen and Gran bought me cameras for grad this year... =)
  • There was a ballroom dance. I was in a really weird mood and didn't really enjoy it. I wore a supremely awesome dress which was (as I had thought) excellent for ballroom. But I spent most of the dance sitting out, and not by choice, either. There's a Classic dance on Friday which I am hoping will make up for it, and I am considering the Tuesday night Charleston class.
  • I went to see ROMA and take more official photos tonight. It was epic and awesome and I am heading to the cast party in minutes.
  • I tried and failed to write my Alice essay like three times. It's just not gelling and I kind of hate it right now. Here's to a super early morning after tonight's late night that may be the final re-working, or I could just take another day. Which might be advisable.
Life is crazy, and there must be a better LJ post quite soon. After the Alice essay. Probably on Monday afternoon.