newsong (newsong) wrote,


You build me up
You knock me down
Provoke a smile
And make me frown
You are the queen of runaround
You know it's true

Today has been an incredibly packed day. There have been arguments and swordfights, showing people around my show, classes... It was busy busy busy. It's a wonder I ate anything. Good thing I had appointments that allowed for that.

Got up this morning and showered, headed off to school to show Blair and Roberta around my show, then went out for lunch with Paul (which was actually breakfast - the STM lunch special was pancakes and sausages, of which I heartily approve) and got to sit in on his experience of my show as well. I still get loads of pleasure in watching people interact with the piece.

Went to class. Classmates drooled over my last piece in Printmaking, though I didn't get to put it up. Had some friendship drama over the internets. Met Ben in the library again, which is always a pleasant experience.

I went out for supper with Drew at Amigos - had excellent beef tacos - and then proceeded over to Persephone to shoot the official promo photos for the cast of Roma, the play to which everyone should go.

Tomorrow early in the morning I get my hair cut, and then all day I prepare for my Friday night - my big graduation party. Complete with cake and friends and a sweet outfit.

And lack of sleep.

Filled out my profile for the Nissan Cube competition today. They're trying to give away 50 of them to unique people. I certainly believe I qualify. =)

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