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I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life

Last night I gave a private gallery tour to some of the folks from church. Stu called it "a weird and wonderful experience." I spent almost all day today in the gallery. I went to Browsers this morning and ran into my friend James, who mentioned my "relentless Facebook advertising" for the show and compared advertising art to advertising ethics, stating that both should be naturally attractive. I sat by the fireplace and switched it on because it was snowing and there was a bitter wind this morning.

Imagine telling someone from the 1800's you "switched on" the fireplace. The look on their face would be priceless. I'd much rather have started the fire with a flint - it's a cool experience.

Leah came in and we shared hot drinks by the fire, then went over to the gallery. Leah plans to go back and read the books when I'm not there because it feels weird to her to read them when I am. Soon my friend Eric arrived and he read some of the books, and eventually the three of us sat down and had a talk about gender politics and other things that are closer to heart as well.

Eventually Kori arrived and joined the conversation, and then the other two had to split off. My friend Lauren arrived, and my friend Molly who I got to know at the Kenderdine this summer for the drum making workshop brought her husband with her and gave me a hug and proceeded to read my books - all of them. Kori and Lauren read them all as well. 

A classmate came in to read as well. He was reading one of my most personal books and he exclaimed, "Holy shit! This is intense!" It was really funny! He proceeded to ask some questions and then write in a one-sentence comment into my comment book that very well encapsulated things. I'll post that comment later.

I asked Kori what she thought of it. She said it was "Amazing. I love you, you know. What you and your parents have gone through. I just kept coming back to the first one about God and how he was in all of it." And then, sitting with me leaning against the wall, she hugged my arm, and I returned the sentiment. It was a great moment.

Lauren said it was "Emotional, not intellectual, so it's hard to respond to." They both assured me that it had come across that I wasn't a big man-hater despite the content.

I feel like you should read these like a movie trailer. "Captivating!" etc.

My boss from this summer came to look at it and he liked it as well, saying he'd make a cameo on Friday night, too.

I loved watching people again today. The next show is forming in my head. I'm going to work at some of the pieces for it this summer I think. I want three pieces, this one included.

I got advance notice today - a photograph of my piece is going to be in the Arts section of The Sheaf tomorrow. I made the papers, you guys. School paper, but even so.

Also, we're going to have a huge reception on Friday - probably 200 or more people.

Tonight I have to write an essay, but it's more like I get to write an essay... on Alice in Wonderland, which is awesome.

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ANOTHER essay on Alice in Wonderland!? Lucky you. :D

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your show.