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The Entropy of Time

Today I got to give a quick artist's talk to my Printmaking class about the show and watch people fascinated by it. I also happened upon Naomi there (once my voice teacher), and she was pleased to have a moment to hear me talk about the show.

I was enraptured by watching people handle the show, trying to fix it when keys dropped by tying them to other keys. The entropy of the piece was beautiful. Part of me is sorry I never got pictures of it when it was perfect, but the perfection of it is in this process of interaction, that it is fragile enough to fall apart when handled roughly.

The feeling I had watching people interact with it. Wow. I just can't explain it. It was this satisfied bliss.

Someone wrote in my book, "You must do more."

Perhaps they are right.

Even though the piece was designed for other people to interact with it, I never imagined what that would look like. I really love it, though. I like the feeling of entropy. The fact that they can't really fix it if it breaks. It's such a real picture of the entropy of time.

I am speechless with how much appreciation I have experienced in only a few days.
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