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Today I met with Susan and Richard, the faculty who sign the papers that I have satisfactorily completed my show. The papers are signed.

They really loved it! I mean, Richard described it as "very compelling." Susan was very pleased with how the whole piece unites from floor to ceiling and the key strings become another transparent sort of wall. We talked about some details but it was being picky - it works and it looks pretty good considering. Richard told me I should be proud of it. I rather think I should be.

Then Bart, my digital imagery prof said via email, "Good job - but this comes as no surprise to me, as you were always a  hardworking student who challenged herself more than I ever could (the best kind)." *grin*

It was when we put up the lighting yesterday that I had a moment where I just had to smile. My show! =) Another moment, when I first saw the title on the wall, gleaming under the light.

I'm an artist now, everyone. I have officially set up my own personal show. Now here's to finding out what everyone thinks of it. Another art student, Luke was over and playing with it - had fun.

Pics to follow as soon as I take them and edit them. Which will be as soon as I have a moment to untangle keys tomorrow after 4:30.

Naptime again. I have to print for Printmaking tonight. Until then, sweet slumber.

(This morning I had to clean a thick layer of sheet ice - frozen rain - off my car. NOT COOL NATURE. I CALL SHENANIGANS. Times like these I wish just for a moment I'd taken the bus that day.)
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