I have friends

Keys and mad math

The strands in your eyes
That color them wonderful
Stop me
And steal my breath

So today was interesting. I printed out my essay, sent in my finalized application for the Manitoba residency I've been talking about, picked up Chantal, went in to get my vinyl lettering made (and it was more expensive than I thought but looks good), ate at Pic-A-Nic and was less than impressed with their severely reduced menu and substandard food, grabbed a White Chocolate Mocha, and headed off to University to drop off the essay, pick up the key to the upstairs room, and get to work on key hanging.

I spent over an hour trying to do some simple math where the variables kept eluding me. Note to self - trying to do math when stressed is rather like climbing an 80 degree snow slope on a melty day without an ice pick. I was very frustrated. Turns out most of it I won't even use anyway. It was a maddening exercise in patience and I never did get it out of the jumble in my head. It makes me sad that it's something I am just utterly unequipped to do. I'd enjoy it if it weren't for that. =(

Chantal and I had a good time, even though the monotony was bad, and so we asked random questions of each other. She was the right height to bump the metal rods on her teeth and thought it sounded cool. I nearly biffed it off a chair, but landed on my foot fine. I wished I'd taken my stereo and plan to do so tomorrow.

After this I went for coffee with Mr. Brown, Jordie, and Eric, from the High School Band Room family. (Yes, I was a Band Geek. Should this surprise anyone? Not really.) Mr. Brown was a lot of fun to hang around again. I miss the old days.

And now I am drinking peppermint lemon tea and trying to calm my overtime oriented mind before finally getting some sleep for the big day of transport and setup and book-writing and to begin with, worship practice.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow... I finally get to see my own show in situ.