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Putting on Confusion

I'll bury all excuses,
burn all the reasons why
I can't be everything you want
and everything you need

I'm a blank slate today. I got up at 9:00am after 12 glorious hours of sleep and worked on show stuff. Picked up my digital images, which are so cool to see in large format. Then I went to school for my meeting with Susan, who seemed pleased that all I had left were details, and was happy with my digital image printouts. Then I went erranding to Fabricland where the lady was shocked that I needed 22 (more) meters of elastic, and then I went to Canadian Tire for fishline and Co-op for gas,  Rona and Home Depot for screws and a threaded rod and a very sharp utility knife and a lighter for my room so I don't have to use matches in my deeper holders. I've developed a rather eclectic list of things I need for my show, and now I've gone somewhat downhill. Next I went home and went for supper with the family. There was a bit of a whirlwind today because we're getting geothermal heating put into the house because gas prices are soaring and the furnace is eking out a meager existence. After supper I picked up essay books from both the main and regular libraries and then dropped by London Drugs for saranwrap and a small tote, which I accidentally got two of and only paid for one with one lid, so I have to try and pry it off and take it back. Then I dropped by the C&C games and sound system party, which was maddeningly unfocused, but otherwise fun. Then I came home, did essay and school related stuff and blogged and now I'm going to bed.

I was going to go to bed by midnight, but I started working on my essay. Without actually looking at any of the source materials. I always write my intro to perfection first. I'm kind of anal about that. Anyway, this is the essay I have cared about least in all of University. I'm going to look stuff up, write it, get it over with... I'm just too busy with show stuff to put that much work into it. As long as there's a few interesting ideas in it I should get a rather decent mark, and that's all I'm asking now. My presentation was awesome, so it'll all balance out I hope.

And can you by no drift of conference
Get from him why he puts on this confusion,
Grating so harshly all his days of quiet
With turbulent and dangerous lunacy?
- Hamlet

Tell me I'm not crazy
Or maybe just a little bit
Maybe just a little bit crazy
- Fiction Family

To sleep, perchance to dream.

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