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It makes no difference
If it's sweet or hot
Just give that rhythm
Everything you've got
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Today I actually got a fair amount of work done. Finished my digital images, worked on my books, and went to a swing dance that was nothing short of fantastic. I'm starting to learn styling in the various swing dances. Tonight was awesome. Tomorrow I'm dancing almost straight from 1:30-4 and then from 7-9 and then maybe even more after that, since there's a dance on. It will depend on whether I can still move by that time.

Sunday morning I have an early morning and then I have church hopping. Hopefully I'll have a little time in the afternoon and evening to keep working on all the little things I have to do. Remarkably, though, there's only 8 big due dates left between now and the end of the first week of April. An Art History essay and presentation for Tuesday and studying for the final in April, In-Class. English essay and Printmaking print the following Tuesday. Another printmaking print and a Photo project first week of April. And the bitwork for my show a week from now.

That's everything people. Isn't it nuts? Full speed ahead for one week, coast a little the next week, one more burst of energy, and then all I have to do is one final on the 21st and I'm finished all this crazy.

In other news, I got to do two people a favour today - a girl needed help handling web address formatting in her Works Cited, and then later I found someone's lost phone, called the last person who texted them, and made arrangements - that person had a locker in Place Riel, so they gave me their combination so I could put the phone in it. Risky I suppose, but if someone calls to try and return someone else's phone, you rather hope they have good intentions, right?

I consider it paying it forward for someone getting me my stuff back sometime. Also, it just felt good. =)

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