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If we're adding to the noise
Turn off this song
If we're adding to the noise
Turn off your stereo, radio, video

Today I ran hither and thither and got random things done. I got a proof of the brochure I'd been working on. I met with a prof to discuss my artist CV, rather like a resume in formatting but with a different purpose. I went for lunch with my family to Fudds... I stopped off at the Lung Association for a brief visit and to drop off show invitations. I sat at home alone on the couch going over some papers and my schedule. I went to Bible Study. I play-fought with Chantal until she relinquished my spot on the couch, which I have optioned statically (rather like Sheldon) because it's the perfect spot in the room.

I registered for a dance class on Saturday. I will officially be dancing for about 12 hours combined over the weekend - Stone Frigate Big Band is coming to the Legion Hall, I'm learning Balboa and Balboa-Swing on Saturday afternoon and there's a Quickstep class that I'm taking with my friend Paul Daniel on Saturday night. This weekend is going to be super awesome and full of swing.

In possibly more interesting news, a friend alerted me to a nifty contest for Canadians to win a Nissan Cube. It's a really cool looking vehicle, and they're giving away 50 of them... There's less than 500 people signed up at present, so there's good odds, not that I think I need good odds to win one, since I have a lot of cool things to say! I'm going to try and be as awesome as possible and win a nifty vehicle... If you Twitter, come and follow me? I think I will start a Twitter series of linking to my favourite things... You can also follow it on my Userinfo if you wish.
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