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Later and Later

But mostly prove me wrong
And tell me I'm no loner
And tell me I'm not crazy
Or maybe just a little bit
Maybe just a little bit crazy

I watched City of Ember last night, and it was both visually stunning and true to the essence of the book, which made me happy. Then I cleaned out my school bag and my room to a very small extent.

Today was cold and biting and windy. My photo class - my only class of the day on Mondays - was actually really fantastic today, as we had all chosen specific people to write about and all the works and writing were great. After class I  spent some time looking into applying for a two month paid Artist's Residency in Manitoba - if it works out I'll be working in panoramic photography of wildlife and nature, which would thrill me to bits. I just need to write up a CV - artist resume - and decide which of my art pieces I want to include.

Saw my friend Cynthia for a hello-goodbye on my way to the car. I then picked up Mom from work and we had supper, while I hemmed and hawed about the prints of my proposed invitations... I actually really wanted them to feel personal and I am having a lot of trouble accomplishing that. Right now they just look like pretty normal show invitations... Augh, it's just not working. I hope I find a way to be satisfied with this. And of course, because I was blogging about it I've now opened it up to try again. *sigh* I went to Staples briefly today too... Didn't manage to find what I wanted.

I took Mom home after supper and went immediately back to school, where I stopped off at sculpture and sorted out my keys. I have 225+ and those are just the ones on campus. I have a bunch of skeleton keys at home somewhere that I eBayed for a few months ago, I'm hoping to find them again soon. After my brief foray into the sculpture studio, I headed over to Printmaking.

I'd heard so many horror stories about litho that I was a little worried about printing tonight. Of course, the only real issue was that I'd seen the whole process twice and the word "acetone" wasn't in my notes from either of them. One of the upper year students kindly helped me out and showed me how to do it, and another one helped me out later when I had questions about print quality. It's always nice when someone makes you feel like a stupid screwup by helping you really nicely (and without trying to make you feel like a screwup). Anyway, after the acetone was applied to good effect, everything else worked rather well, considering it was my first time. It's a little finicky, but not the nightmare that was screen printing. Printmaking has done a good deal to kill my perfectionist streak. My prints are good for a first time thing, and I really love the image I drew. I might actually take a picture of it and show you all how it looks.

And then when I was going to go to bed on time, I abandoned that course of action and re-designed my invites instead. And I actually like them now. Sure, that's time well spent, but maybe not at 3:00am when I have a full day of classes tomorrow. Granted, this is the time of day when I do my best work, so I'll just have to slog through tomorrow and sleep in on Wednesday.

Man, if only I could get some work done during the day. =(

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