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Christmas Roadtrip 2008 - #1

Come away with me 
And we'll kiss on a mountaintop
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you

Here I am in Chilliwack, British Columbia after the first leg of our journey. We took off from Saskatoon on the 23rd in the evening, and then we drove. And drove. We had a converter mounted in the car, so we were playing music and we had mounted LED lights, a hanging Santa and some other ornaments... We stuffed the car totally full for the trip. I probably had the most stuff, but it might just have felt that way because I packed all my random stuff in a laundry hamper thing. 

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who got nearly enough sleep. I was also the one who did the least driving... Dave was living off of energy drinks... Kaylee and Chantal did a lot of sleep heaping in the backseat. Dave and I talked and pumped the rock music in the front. We had a couple of great moments.

We went through North Battleford, Lloydminster, Edmonton, Hinton, Jasper and Jasper National Park, then through Kamloops to Chilliwack. I've been through/to Edmonton three times this year and I'll be back in January again. Wow.

I remember waking up somewhere just before we made it in to Kamloops and thinking that I could remember anything about my life outside of the road trip. All I could remember is friends and warm blankets and hundreds of songs running through my head, and life outside this didn't exist. Even without the scenery, that would have been totally worth it. 

Sunrise, sunrise
Looks like morning in your eyes

I drove for sunrise in the mountains, right from the first small glow of the sun to the place where there were a bunch of frozen waterfalls on the side of the road. It was breathtakingly beautiful. As we started to be able to see the mountains, I played the Rocks and Trees song as I saw it fitting, and then, right at the most beautiful part of the trip, Kaylee who was riding shotgun with me played Norah Jones and it was the most fitting music for a road trip on the scenic highway #5.

We stopped for gas every time we got anywhere with an open station. When we stopped in Kamloops for lunch at Denny's. I was joking bout the super creative store names in Kamloops - The Art Store, The Fireplace Centre, etc. There was some pretty snowfall. Then I drove out of there, but the car had no gumption - later Dave figured out that it was a crack in the exhaust system. So Dave drove then too. We saw a deer on the side of the road with a fantastic set of antlers... 

I had made a quotes book for the trip and there's already some fantastic stuff in it. 

I actually got a whole lot of sleep, considering. Pleasureable sleep, dreamless and peaceful, lulled by the road. I sleep well in cars. Not busses, but cars are fine.

Ain't no mountain high enough
Aint't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough 
To keep me from getting to you, baby

When we got into Chilliwack it was snowing to the point of blizzard. Chantal's Dad informed us that this is the most snow they've had here in 8 years! It was beautiful, and after we parked (which took some plowing) and got all our stuff in to the digs, we went for a walk. I fiddled with my camera settings and I have some great shots of us in downtown Chilliwack at 5 corners, where it looks much like the 5 corners Broadway in Saskatoon. Except today the snow is about 1.5 feet deep, and it wasn't cold. It was, in fact, perfect snow to play in. And so we did - or my friends did and I played paparazza until I finally decided I wanted to make a snow angel. It was amazing.

I spent Christmas Eve 2008 with three friends in a lovely snowglobe in the pretty part of town in snow that wasn't even cold. I'm pretty sure that ranks highly among my Christmas memories.

Now we're sitting in her Dad's living room awaiting supper... Good times. Looking forward to tomorrow! Still to come - A Christmas party tomorrow, touring Vancouver on Boxing Day, meeting my friend Janta in Kelowna and Dave's Grandma in Calgary, and another scenic route through the mountains, during the day. Here's hoping for good weather, since we had almost no inclement weather until daylight (a few moments of drifting snow, that's all) and even then it wasn't so bad until after we hit Chilliwack. 

Compared to my last road trip, this one is pretty stress-free. We all get along really well, and I appreciate all the thought and planning that went into the trip. We've been prepared and there was no chance of running out of gas. We never even got lost, either. 

So many moments of breathtaking beauty, and there's only been two days. =)
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